The Eagles Nest

The Eagles Nest


Starting At $7,095.00

The Eagles Nest is currently the top of the line Perch, as far as seating capacity, style and comfort is concerned.  Elevated Seating for 8 adults, with approx. 9’ eye level above ground, in a semi-circular conversational layout, a grand buffet table and 3 strategically placed umbrellas provide an added value to your “Perching” experience. 


  • Includes cushions and umbrella
  • 6-8 person seating
  • Comfort and stability
  • Wide set steps approaching from the back
  • Full deck with 13” wrap-around rail


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The custom upholstered cushions come with 3” of high-density foam in the seat, and 2” medium density in the back, and are wrapped with Sunbrella® fabric in colors that match your theme or décor. These cushions will allow users hours of viewing & visiting pleasure without fatigue, while the 9’ adjustable market umbrellas keep them cool in the shade.  Kick your feet up on the rails to give you that chase-lounge effect for comfort.

The grand buffet table is big enough to hold many servings of appetizers, drinks and even an optional propane fire bowl!  The body of the chair is made up of 3 types of structural wood and a composite material that is sustainable.  The table foot rail, decking, & stair treads are Composite materials & come in various colors and surface textures.

Paint and fabric color schemes can be selected by you and can follow your company design or décor.

All hardware used in the construction of your ‘Chair System’ is either coated or stainless steel to provide the greatest resistance against weathering, corrosion or failure.

Color Swatches

Canvas Cushion Swatches

Structural Paint

Customized color of the structure and canvas cushions are based upon request.


We can customize just about any feature on your Perch to reflect your colors, company logo, theme or history.  We can incorporate beer bottle and glass storage below for convenience, and enhance the design.  Our goal is to provide you an added value to enrich your Employee and Guests experience!